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Single pipe Ultra-filter

Single pipe Ultra-filter
Product Detailed
It is a device to make electrophoresis liquid pass through membrane pipe under pressure, to separate resin in lacquer from wate

1 ) Summarize of ultra-filtration technology

Ultrafiltration is a process to separate continuous phase ( water + solvent + solved metal impurities) and dispersed phase ( resin + pigment), it is also a separation process of water phase and organic phase.

Water phase can penetrate ultra-filter film,  so it was called as Penetrating fluid,   when electrophoresis lacquer pass through these small pipes,  part of water phase flow out of ultra-filter through these pipes,  resin and high molecular will flow out of filter pipe and go back to electrophoresis tank.

There are four functions of the electrophoresis filter.

To reduce the conductivity quickly.To remove the electrophoresis impurity.To speed up the new liquid ripening.Recovery and utilization electrophoreses.

Removing impurity is the uppermost function of the filter, because most contaminant as soluble salt was drawn into working liquid, which will harm working liquid. Many anion ( especially hydroxide and chromate) can easily form sediment when mixing with lacquer.

Anion will reduce lacquer deposition rate on the surface of workpiece, lacquer appearance will turn bad.  The ultra-filtration can remove contamination effectively to make it clean.

It is not good to overuse electrophoresis liquid,  otherwise,  it will result in loss of main ingredient of electrophoresis lacquer,  and reduce solvent content, and change the electrophoresis lacquer acidity.

Newly-made electrophoresis lacquer can be ultra-filtered many times to remove excess solvent and compound with small molecular

2) The performance parameter of ultra filtration membrane

Item No.


ultra-filtration membrane area (m2)

specification (mm)

Shell material











3)       performance parameter for All set of ultra-filtration

Item No.


Ultra-filtration liquid flux


Specification for Ultra-filter membrane








4)       Technical process

Electrophoresis tank---prefilte(100-200mesh)---ultrafilter system–used for electrophoresis work cleaning     


       -------Electrophoresis lacquer recycle  -------       ultrafiltration liquid discharge          

5)       Application

Widely used in the field of electrophoresis recycle such as automobile, electrical appliance, bicycle, lock glasses, lighter and etc.It is crucial facility of electrophoresis process,  use filter to avoid the pollution from electrophoresis lacquer in the tank. To enhance he lifespan of electrophoresis and electrophoresis workpiece quality.To decrease 30%- 40% electrophoresis assumption.High economical effect, the investment can be taken back in 0.5-1 year.

6) Character

1. large ultra-filtration capacity,  exact flux depends on customer’s actual requirement

2. Strong ultra-filtration capability, ultra-filtration liquid is clear and transparent, solid content is below 0.45%

3. Strong contamination-resistance, filter membrane will not be damaged after long running

4. Compact equipment structure, low dynamic consumption,  high work efficiency, small occupation area.

5. Ultra-filtration is equipped with auto-control system, with simple operation and reliable run

7)   Operation method of single-pipe ultra-filter


opened valve F1, F3, add pure water into water inlet of motor, emit air in the motor water inlet, after being full of water, open power switch, closed the valve F2, F4,  the equipment begin work.


Cleaning membrane pipe after untra-filtration, first, take out the filter, element, Put water inlet & water outlet of ultrafiltration into water tank,   start power switch to wash it again and again as per operation of starting machine,  in order to clean membrane pipe inside, We can wash it positive and opposite direction,  wash in positive direction according to normal operation,  wash it in opposite direction, open F2, F4,  close F1, F3,  then ash it again and again as per operation of starting machine,  clean standard is that discharge water from ultrafiltration water outlet is clear. 

7-3 Storage

After washing, close all valves, in order to keep enough water in membrane pipe for maintainence.

8)   Attention

8-1 The temperature of the electrophoresis should be below 45°C.

8-2 To screw flexible hose clamp after 2-4hrs work

8-3 Filter newly-made ultrafiltration lacquer, it’s better to discharge penetrating fluid after liquid in 24hrs after starting tank,  according to discharge penetrating fluid volume,   complement soft water with high quality, (electric conductivity <5us/cm2>) especially during long non-use for electrophoresis lacquer,   during non-use for long stop use for long,  same time,

8-4 24hrs after ultrafiltration after start tank,   part of the penetrating liquid can be returned to the tank. The returned quantity depends on the degree tank was polluted,  it is necessary to check solvent content periodically We should test the capability of liquid regularly. Generally,  filtering 100Ltr penetrating fluid need to add 1.2Ltr cathodic electrophoresis lacquer, magenetic pump ( IWAKI Mi-100R-5) can’t run emptily without fluid,  when starting pump, pls notice if motor rotation direction conforms with arrow direction.

8-5  If ultrafiltration doesn’t run for long,  suggested cleaning filteration pipe of pump body with pure water or penetrating fluid,  in order to avoid harmful residues.

Single pipe Ultra-filter

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